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  • NEW Roblox Promo Codes on Roblox 2020|| Roblox Working EVENT Promo Code (JULY)
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      How to get ROBUX??.
      First play and said can get ROBUX but how??

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      Im no nrrd ROBUX

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      hi vg

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      Hello plss add me

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    Thanks Still Works Aug 2 2020

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    At first I disliked cause I though he was scamming then I watched it all he's so good then I subscribed nice dude keep up the good work

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    Your codes really help me! Thanks so much

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    Keep Up The Good Work *,* VG

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    Hi VG. If you're reading, thank you so much for all your videos. I really enjoy them! Especially the promocode ones. I now know some promocodes that I never knew existed just because of you!
    Roblox Username: BaconCatStar

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    Thank you! This is very useful video!

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    Thank you very much it was so helpful for me

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    I love your videos they always make me smile whenever i am coming home from school I always watch your old live streams or videos first after coming home from school

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    Thx you helped me a lot!!!!!

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    thank you! Some of these already know but some I don't! Thanks a lot! I got LOTS of items!👍😀 Keep up the good work!!!!

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    I love your vids! my friend isn't allowed to buy robux so I told him all the promo codes and now he is very happy. thank you VG!!

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    It does actually work thank you

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    This is how many times he says "guys"

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      fishygamer v1 just because your my favorite skin in fornite I’m ganna let you control me

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      @Doge hey watch your mouth

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      @EarthGirl lier

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    Thanks so much VG you got me all the prizeses I wanted since they came out so I appreciate it so in return plus 1 more subscriber for you.😀😀😀😀

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    Tnx man
    Helped me a lot
    It worked 😊

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    Thx for the promo codes helped me alot

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    Tysm it helped me 😊 thanks VG keep it up :)

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    Island Of Move

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    I have been a fan since you were giving pets on ninja legends and I appreciate your all of the information you got just to share it to us, thank you for being my favorite roblox youtuber

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    This actually helped me thanks so much VG!!
    Username: MetalForcer2

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    I always tune into your vids! Amazing and keep it up!

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    Thank you so much for doing that! 😊😊😊

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    this guys legit hes not lying about the codes

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      @FireFXZ it would get views for the first day and the second day it would get exposed or sth and wouldnt bring any more views

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      @Fyckmylif Bruh It's actually the opposite.

    • Fyckmylif Bruh
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      If they lie they wouldn't even have views and you wouldn't even know it exists

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    Thanks you for your promo code it’s valid,it’s nice

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    I just recently found your channel. I used to watch Kreek. I wish I had found you a long time ago. Please continue make this entertaining content. Username: 23Doggy18

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    Thank you it really worked

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    I am watching youf rom 2019 and I love your vids and these codes actually helped me!

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      I play brawl star

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      He prob mean he has been watching from 2019

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      How are you watching from 2019?!?!?!? Its legit 2020!!!

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      @GROOT_ 90 Ok ok i little bit lied (

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      No you aren't in 2019

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    Dear VG, i want you to set down whatever you have and just take a moment to realize how far you have came. You made me smile on days that I was sad. You made enjoyable content for not just me but for alll of your fans. You inspired me to start INclips and to start making videos. If you ever find this comment, I want you to know how proud I am of you not just as a fan but as a person. Congrats on 400k!
    Sincerely, your truest subscriber.

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    I love ur videos their epic and keep up with the good work

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    I really love your video thank you so much for everything you show

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    thank you for this video its very helpful thank you man!

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    VG is a genius, he's saving soy sauce. I bet in a couple of years, soy sauce will be so valuable that you can buy everything with soy sauce! If that happens, VG will be a billionaire!
    PS Your my favorite INclipsr by far! I love your awesome content! Keep it up!
    PPS I would literally do a back flip if a get robux from u.

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    I love your videos I love that you don't trick anyone for views 💕💕

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    i love ur videos they r so good thanks for teaching me so much cool glitches and new updates :)

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    WOW!. Thanks you so much for giving This promo codes. I'm so happy :)

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    I love all your vids and i have watch your vids and there very helpfull when it comes to roblox codes and events!

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    I was streaming and I saw the notifications I clicked fast xD

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    Thank you for showing us this code

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    it actually worked tysm

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    I liked and subscribed to you and thanks for the items it really helped me. My username is starliauniverse

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    Hi bro I like ur vids there amazing and useful to play u helped me get better

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    Day 3 of commenting "Imagine Getting A RABAX From the SoySauce King" until he chooses me

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      Um after I did this I can’t see wut I got

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      I never has robux my whole life :(

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      I think you need to commont on his post

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    OMG it worked! Thank you so much

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    VG, I love your vids. They give a lot of helpful tips.

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    Ya your vids really help us!

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    Thank you for the codes

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    6:40 is it just me or is it glitched

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      @Locus kk

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      He's telling de truth its glitched

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      n o I t s j u s t y o u :)

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      ITS YOU

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    Thank you!!! I got super cool stuff!!!

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    Hello VG i love your content thanks for the codes!

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    i love you VG, you really make my day!
    Keep up the vids!!

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    This is so good. I also watched your new blog video. I’m proud to be apart of your community ❤️

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    soy sauce joke: what did the restaurant do when they ran out of soy sauce
    they cooked like there was no tamari. username: killerkillerjeff1212

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    Omg all promocodes worked Thank You

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    Hi VG just wanted to say that you are one of the most unique INclipsrs of Roblox and I really enjoy watching your vids. My roblox username is Ape1611

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    I love your content VG and I’ve been been watching your channel since the start of 2019. Tysm for carrying me in the egg hunt
    user builderman213344

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    I love your videos thanks for the promocodes

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    the codes are : VictoryLap Getmoving Strikeapose SettingTheStage

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      aaribuilds aight same

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      @Dogeorno Dogevanna you can stop replying i really dont care anymore. lol

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      aaribuilds uhh so you rather wait a day waiting for me to reply? rather than actually watching it? uh aight dude

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      @Dogeorno Dogevanna of course not. i just came here for codes but never mind..smh

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      aaribuilds bro you suppose to redeem them in the island of move game did you watch the video?

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    Your videos helped me on jailbreak and everything u helped me so I told my friends about you and now they love ur videos. I’m the 3.4k like username Chuckboys2

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    Hi Mr VG,
    I know that you are the best and will reach half a million subs in no time.
    Kind Regards,
    One one your Fans :) :)

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    Ty so much. Edit: I always wondered where people get these items 🤔

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    1:22 “Over here into this guy.”
    Me: XD wtf
    (No offense, HelloItsVG)

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      @Magic Blue clouds "XD" and "WTF" together means that the statement is funny and surprising, but I don't get how its offensive
      And making fun of how people talk is okay as long as it is not on purpose or it could be called " a joke"

    • Fyckmylif Bruh
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      @Magic Blue clouds how is that "making fun of"

    • Fyckmylif Bruh
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      How is it offensive in any way

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    You are the best

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    *posted 1 sec ago*
    Me: I Stayed up tilll 5 am so this better be good..

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    Mom: who is VG
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    I already have everything from RCC (Roblox Creator Challenge) and CCQ (Creator Challenge Quiz) but not the BIPIIOM (Build it Play it Island of move)

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    Comment section:
    50% “early”
    25% “who else came strait to the comments”
    25% bad jokes

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    • Shabna Razlan
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      Hah 😂

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      No its:
      20%" I'm early!"
      20%" soy sauce yeyeye"
      40%"omgomg he no trick us for view I sub"
      20%"horrible jokes

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