NEW Roblox Promo Codes on Roblox 2020|| Roblox Working NEW Promo Code (OCTOBER)

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  • 6/10/2020 को प्रकाशित
  • NEW Roblox Promo Codes on Roblox 2020|| Roblox Working NEW Promo Code (OCTOBER)
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      VG can you give me aome robux

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      yikes thats gonna be a lot of promo codes

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      Im now

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    FINALY A INclipsR WHO DOSENT CLICK BAIT also can’t wait for new vid
    User: A_noobtrooper

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      That’s so fricking true

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      @Gort ikr

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      Nice joke

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    Thank you, this really helped me!

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    Thank you so much this vid means everything to me :)

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    Thanks doe all the codes you've shown me! This made my Halloween 🎃 avatar very cute. 🥺

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    OMG! Thank you, this video is really really help me😊🙏

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    Thx for these promo codes I already have em but I wanna watch this for you and like your vid bye 😊 👋

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    All promo codes:
    1:26 TWEET2MIL
    Also another code: SPIRIT2020

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    I subscribed and joined your group and posted all of the notifications :)

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    Thx this help me

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    Your the only that I get the promocode for Roblox

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    Thank you for not taking long to use the same codes that are old.

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    Me new but me love ur vids keep it going don't stop bc u r my inspiration to play roblox👍🏻❤️

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    Cool it works thank you

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    Thx bro imma follow, u the only one dat give us real ones

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    Thank you for the promo code

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    This video was so helpful!💕

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    What still shocks me is that even at almost 500K subs he still hearts every comment

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    Y’all it worked!!!! Thank you. Don’t forget to sub right NOWWW!

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    Bro thank u so much I luv ur promo codes vids a lot I can’t wait till the next one

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    Thx for the codes! 🤗🤗

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    I just subscribed and turned post notfications on (i also liked!) keep uploading!

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    I Was Struggling To Know How To Use Starcode

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    Hello! Thanks for the promo code! By the way I new.

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    thanks this is my first time getting something from promo code thanks

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    I'm new I subscribed and will redeem this code thank you

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    I got my dream hat I will always watch ur vids soo finally I got my dream hat thx 😊

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    it worked

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    I'm new thanks for free promo codes

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    Thanks 👍

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    Hey man thank u for the all codes

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    " I'm New "
    I'm new to your channel and I love it... I really love your vids

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      Can you give me some robux plsss i really need it plsss :(

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    fun fact: there’s only one new promo code in this video

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    Omg it works

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    Thanks for the promocode's and I AM NEW to the channel and I Subscribe

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    We get that skeleton wing through amazon prime

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    Thank You Bro

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    Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!

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    That skeleton one looks awesome

    • Solev
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      @jean tagaytayan I found out it's a prize from prime gaming. I have a prime gaming account so I got it

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      @jean tagaytayan really? Probably Cant afford then :(

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    I am new And i Already loving Ur channel Thanks so much

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    thanks for the promo codes

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    dude, get straight to the point so you doesn't waste our time.

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      @mxherry Cherry im just spitting fax.

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      @mxherry Cherry don't take it that bad i'm not even trying to make you feel offended lol

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      @exe ok Mistakes happen

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      @mxherry Cherry It's potato not patato

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      Rude patato

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    Thankes 😄

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    This is the best man on earth for promo codes

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    Omg ty its working

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    VG + "I still remember this video from VG it says 'Robux SUS' " = Imposter
    Robux SUS was the Imposter
    Me like: HOW ;-;

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    Im new:)
    And i like your content

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    wow the first youtuber who hasent scamed :D i approve

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      The funny thing is that my whole avatar is only promocodes and everyone keeps asking me if I have robux even though I never had any LOL

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      there was something like a year ago that I got for free but I am not a 100% sure that it is a dinosaur.

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      i still have it

    • TelamonLeaf
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      there was a red dino hat in april 2018 i think

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    it's funny, right when I redeemed the first code somebody joined the game i was in with the same hat

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    I love this video it’s so cool and cool :) I love your vids keep the content up please heart this comment have a good day or noght

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    This is how many times he says soy sauce in his videos

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  • Toon link Plays - Gameplays and more! (read bio)

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    Noob:”Omgggg a new promocode

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