Another LIVE EVENT is Coming To Roblox Jailbreak (The End of Jailbreak)

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  • 4/04/2022 को प्रकाशित
  • Another LIVE EVENT is Coming To Roblox Jailbreak (The End of Jailbreak)
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  • _Anime_Life_
    _Anime_Life_ महीने पहले +3

    Hey VG! I love your videos! Thanks so much for putting so much effort into these videos! Whenever I am bored I'm just like ok, VG time!! My favourite vehicle in jailbreak is probably the Bugati Chiron It looks awesome and has very nice controls and speed.

    • _Anime_Life_
      _Anime_Life_ महीने पहले +1


  • Tetra
    Tetra महीने पहले +27

    Hey VG! I love your videos! Thanks so much for putting so much effort into these videos! Whenever I am bored I'm just like ok, VG time!! My favourite vehicle in jailbreak is probably the concept car. It looks awesome and has very nice controls and speed.

    • Ka_gamer
      Ka_gamer महीने पहले +2

      Yo i love this vid and your content

    • Ka_gamer
      Ka_gamer महीने पहले +2


    • Imagine Samuel
      Imagine Samuel महीने पहले +2

      @Tetra ohk

    • Tetra
      Tetra महीने पहले +2

      @Imagine Samuel No I dont mind if I dont get the gift card. I just want VG to know how much his content means to me because he is one of my favorite INclipsrs.

    • Imagine Samuel
      Imagine Samuel महीने पहले +4

      Not you trying to give him a compliment so you could get the gift card🤣

  • Sahand Saieed
    Sahand Saieed महीने पहले

    Every single time when I’m upset I watch your videos and they cheer me up and you deserve the support that you need

  • Cheeky
    Cheeky महीने पहले +12

    Hey VG! Australia here! It was 2 am when the live event was happening, so I'm very happy to hear this! Thanks for informing me!

    • Alexander HÖRZI
      Alexander HÖRZI 4 दिन पहले

      What in Österreich IT was only 7 pm but ok

    • Kevin Vinod
      Kevin Vinod 26 दिन पहले

      Where in Aus are you it was 4am for me

    • Yuki G.
      Yuki G. महीने पहले

      @Cheeky oh well it’s a coincidence!

    • Cheeky
      Cheeky महीने पहले

      @Yuki G. Is it a coincidence or what? I'm travelling to Canberra today!

    • Yuki G.
      Yuki G. महीने पहले

      Yes, unfortunately, Australians are usually “forgotten” in events… it’s due to “common” timezones. (In Canberra, the live event will be at 11am or 12pm.)

  • TheBadMilk
    TheBadMilk महीने पहले +3

    Its gonna be interesting how they set up the live event because of the map expansion and what not. I also hope that we get some sort of boats only offshore heist. Btw I like the volt bike, its good for power plant.

    • ethan
      ethan महीने पहले

      It is! Especially if you can squeeze through the crim base door

  • Nizz
    Nizz महीने पहले +1

    For me, my favorite vehicle in jailbreak is Volt Bike, because so much speed and the acceleration is so good + can escape from the police ( stay healthy and safe ) ✨🌟

  • Dollar store man
    Dollar store man महीने पहले +1

    Hi VG I love you jailbreak videos, whenever i get bored i just start watching your videos, and they never disappoint. My favorite vehicle is probably the drone because for me it is the best for solo grinding.

  • garymacncheese
    garymacncheese महीने पहले +5

    Hey VG! great video as always, your my main source of entertainment. LOL! I can't wait for more videos. MY favourite vehicle in jailbreak would probably be the Eclaire as I find it a bit more reliable then the roadster and just as quick, it is also helpful to spawn with mobile garage.

    • TapLava
      TapLava महीने पहले

      I joined 2018

    • Jawslamer994
      Jawslamer994 महीने पहले

      I agree with you about ur favourite is the eclaire because of the insane speed and really good acceleration

    • HelloItsVG
      HelloItsVG  महीने पहले +5

      Glad you like them!

  • A Random Thing I Guess
    A Random Thing I Guess महीने पहले

    They might make the Live Event Replay cause the map to revert for the Live Event, and when it ends it'll come back to our expanded map.

  • Savage Soybean
    Savage Soybean महीने पहले

    Hello VG! I would have to say that my favorite vehicle in the game would be the Roadster, because of its almost instantaneous acceleration. It's a good vehicle to easily escape police.

  • TheRobloxDoge HQ
    TheRobloxDoge HQ महीने पहले

    My favorite vehicle in the game is the Beignet. This car is one of the fastest vehicles in the game, and the design looks so nice. It’s was also a limited time vehicle which makes it even more special :)

  • Pyxilplayer326
    Pyxilplayer326 महीने पहले

    I am really happy about this news, I have been waiting ever since I saw that one text in the jailbreak description!
    btw my favourite car is either the torpedo or the m12 molten :)
    EDIT: My old pc was so trash that if I had graphics to 2nd worse it would crash. Man that pc sucked

  • sheeba Joseph
    sheeba Joseph महीने पहले +2

    My favourite vehicle is the retired agent (600k) as it can shoot missiles and it has a very good speed. People say it is bad because you can’t aim the missiles unlike the army heli but I am a mobile player so I can’t aim the missiles on army heli anyway.

  • HTWasHere
    HTWasHere महीने पहले +21

    Boy do I sure hope there’s another live event

    • Sujit Bala
      Sujit Bala महीने पहले

      @Former Video Gamer, Young ZYZZ never asked you to take my advice, did I? And this isn't my main either. Not saying that I have a big YT channel too I'm just stating my opinions. And please cut the toxicity, no good INclipsr would have that.

    • Blox XLI
      Blox XLI महीने पहले

      @Former Video Gamer, Young ZYZZ hope u get there

    • Blox XLI
      Blox XLI महीने पहले

      @Former Video Gamer, Young ZYZZ k

    • Former Video Gamer, Young ZYZZ
      Former Video Gamer, Young ZYZZ महीने पहले

      @Blox XLI a random guy on the road to. 25k subs

    • Blox XLI
      Blox XLI महीने पहले

      @Former Video Gamer, Young ZYZZ whats your mains name?

    TF GHOSTLY महीने पहले

    Hello VG! I would have to say that my favorite vehicle in the game would be the Roadster. THE ROADSTER is a really good car for geting away from cops and it is really fast.

  • Birdbia Gaming YT
    Birdbia Gaming YT महीने पहले

    By replay, I think they mean if you own a private server you can do a replay of the event through the server control room like they did with the last live event, not a replay of it in all servers.

  • IamDylanYT
    IamDylanYT महीने पहले

    thx vg for your amazing content, keep doing that and keep doing live streams, good luck.
    my fav vehicle is volt bike

  • Unr3gistered
    Unr3gistered महीने पहले

    I like the m12 molten. It went limited and it’s actually really good. It can go up to 230 and it’s really one of those forgotten vehicles and it has a very cool unique design. I feel like players that have it should use it because it’s really good and unique

    • GlitchGamer
      GlitchGamer महीने पहले

      It can get to 253mph but ok

  • Jabari Spiritgod
    Jabari Spiritgod महीने पहले +6

    This is good for the people that couldn’t be in the live event. This is CLUTCH.

    • Proski
      Proski महीने पहले +1

      Sadly I’m on mobile and experienced it

    • Gurraju Kurre
      Gurraju Kurre महीने पहले +1

      I am big fan of you

  • King Man Lau
    King Man Lau महीने पहले +1

    Hi VG! I always watch your live it was EPIC! My favorite car is celsier, because it is futuristic, looks cool and limited

  • KaiGamer
    KaiGamer महीने पहले

    Hey VG, my favorite car is the monster truck, it's so fun to drive! Have a great day!

  • Johnny Games
    Johnny Games महीने पहले

    Hey VG! Great vid, very cool to hear. My favourite vehicle in jailbreak is probably the Bugatti Chiron because I think the design looks really cool and it is a really fast car.

  • AlexTheBacon
    AlexTheBacon महीने पहले +1

    The roadster is my favorite vehicle, it has great handling, speed, and acceleration. And helps me out escaping camping cops.

  • Pakgamingz
    Pakgamingz महीने पहले +1

    Hey VG I am subbed long time ago. Anyways my favourite vehicle is the volt bike because I like going solo and it's a good vehicle to do it with, power plant gives decent amount and it's a fast accelerating vehicle and escapes from cops easily. Thanks.

    • Pakgamingz
      Pakgamingz महीने पहले +1

      Thanks VG for heart

  • EZ_Dan
    EZ_Dan महीने पहले +1

    Hey VG! Your videos are as good as soya sauce ( maybe even better! ) My favorite vehicle is probably the Bugatti Chiron (or eclair in game) because of its staggering top speed! Your videos always teach me something new about JB; and thanks for putting that private server link onto VG gang! Good luck on 600k! Thanks and I wish everyone good luck! My Username is BossDanCfcSupporter if that does not work then try sheesh.

  • CutGMaster
    CutGMaster महीने पहले +1

    I really like the air tail because it first goes slow then accelerates which is good for beginners

  • Sajida Suhail
    Sajida Suhail महीने पहले

    My favourite vehicle is probably the MCL- 36. During the April Fools update, it literally went up to 500 miles per hour LOL :)
    Good Luck to all the participants!

  • B Persson
    B Persson महीने पहले

    This is good for me. I wasnt at home so I had to do it on phone. And I literally god kicked mid live event. And when I joined back the server was already updated. So good for me. Also my favorite vehicle in the game beam hybrid :)

  • Segni Mekonnen
    Segni Mekonnen महीने पहले +3

    You don't know how happy I get when I wake up at 7:50 to watch your live streams on the weekends oh yeah my fav car in the game is the formula one its just a cool car in my opinion.

  • MatsuKun~
    MatsuKun~ महीने पहले +1

    Hello vg! I used to watch ur vids when u were at 270k and I still watch ur vids now bc they are really fun and my fav vehicle in jailbreak is volt bike

  • Emman
    Emman महीने पहले

    Hey VG, my favourite vehicles is the AirTail because of how smooth it can drift and the Bolide.
    Also I never seen anyone with a lot of miles in jailbreak

  • InitialDog
    InitialDog महीने पहले

    Hello VG! Your vids are awesome, keep up the work, we will always believe in you! :D I love the porsche because its a classy car, great for showing off! User: GeometriChris

  • Amirul Iman
    Amirul Iman महीने पहले +1

    Hi VG! I really love your content! For now, you are my best favourites youtuber. I always watch your video when i was bored. My Favourite vechicle in jailbreak is roadster because roadster have the best acceleration in the game and the roadster can match the speed of a volt bike even thought its price is $600 000. I hope you get 600k subs within 1 days. Have a good days VG!

  • Blokz
    Blokz महीने पहले +4

    My favorite car is the roadster and the buggati :D
    Both of them have pros and cons trade off and i like that
    I hope i can win, if other people win
    Im happy for them :)

  • Crusher
    Crusher महीने पहले

    hiiii VG! i really love your videos and how you give us jailbreak updates. i really love it and have a good day dude! my favourite car is the M12 Molten since it looks really sick and is really fast compared to its price although roadster is better but it won’t matter since it’s was a limited car

    • HelloItsVG
      HelloItsVG  महीने पहले

      Glad you like them!

  • Fudge King
    Fudge King महीने पहले

    Back at it again! Love the content

  • Verysus_game
    Verysus_game महीने पहले

    Hi Vg! Your video always awesome. You always make video after the new update so fast. You always make video interesting:) I love your video a lot:). My favourite vehicle is buggy because it can wall hopping? I forget it and its insane acceleration

  • Thomas McKelvey
    Thomas McKelvey महीने पहले +1

    Hey VG! I've been watching your content for so long now and love ur videos they help me out so much whether it be with choosing what vehicles to buy and the best places to rob. I would really like a chance to win the ROBUX give away because I haven't been able to buy any ROBUX lately. My favourite vehicle is the VOLT BIKE. It is so fast and I grinded for so long to get it. I would be so grateful if you chose me to win the ROBUX 😁

  • Kousados
    Kousados महीने पहले +4

    honestly i like the m12 molten, its really sick, and it goes pretty fast. Torpedo is nice, roadster is fast but its a bit plain. So yeah.

    • GlitchGamer
      GlitchGamer महीने पहले

      M12 molten is faster than tesla by like 25mph considering it can go 253mph and the tesla can only go 218mph and can keep up with beignet and eclaire and torpedo and veyron and the concept the car is absolutely amazing a probs just as rare as torpedo and brulee

    • Christian Rosenberger
      Christian Rosenberger महीने पहले

      Roadster isn’t fast it is quick

  • Ranvir09_Playz
    Ranvir09_Playz  महीने पहले

    My Favourite Vehicle is Brulee. Just wanted to say VG I love your content and how you update your fans with videos keep the good work up . 🤟🏽

  • Tanner Faydo
    Tanner Faydo महीने पहले

    I think my favorite vehicle is the arachnid. I was in love with it ever since it came out. Love your videos, keep goin champ

  • LionRBLX
    LionRBLX महीने पहले +2

    Hey VG i like the volt bike because its look futuristic it can go 210 MPH! it also has the best acceleration it can go 150 under 3 second! it so good when youre getting chase by a cop and you dont have anything! also good for robbing power plant cause its so fast! well thats all my opinion goodbye!

  • Luvrt
    Luvrt महीने पहले

    Hey great content man keep up the good work! my fav vehicle is probably volt bike even thought theres no glitch.

  • ThrillerJ
    ThrillerJ महीने पहले +3

    The Blackhawk is probably my favorite vehicle. It pretty much makes the cargo ship robbery possible and its fun to have a bunch of friends ride with you.

  • [FYC] Ninja
    [FYC] Ninja महीने पहले +1

    It’s gonna be very interesting if it happened. Favorite vehicle is: Drone

  • Cringe_Kid
    Cringe_Kid महीने पहले +1

    Celsior, I got it last minute. Even though it is a little ,,slow'', it's a nice vehicle

  • JonathanRBLX
    JonathanRBLX महीने पहले

    VG I love your videos!!! It's really funny sometimes, my favorite vehicle is probably the SUV I love it because I like the design but they retired it so I can't get it anymore :(

  • yip manlam
    yip manlam महीने पहले

    Hello VG!I love your videos, I would like to say my favorite vehicle is Roadster its have a great handling and launch speed. It help me a lot to escape from cops.

  • 10X_LIT
    10X_LIT महीने पहले +4

    Can it be at a different time but in australia time like 9;00 at night in Australia?

  • FireboyTz
    FireboyTz महीने पहले +2

    Would be cool to see it happen
    Favorite vehicle: drone

  • Cloud
    Cloud महीने पहले

    I personally love the Volt bike, its slim, has a trail and a good launch. Also it can easily fit through tight spaces and escape camping cops. Great vehicle to use as your first 1m vehicle! Great video :)

    • Cloud
      Cloud महीने पहले

      Maybe it cant do the stuff it used to, but its still good on most terrain. Especially when your using roads

    • Hayden Kearney
      Hayden Kearney महीने पहले

      Have you played recently it can't go up anything bearing can go up some jumps but insanely fast and good for power plant

  • ProjectValkyrie
    ProjectValkyrie महीने पहले +1

    Hey VG your really inspire me to become a jailbreak youtuber too and I hope that one day I can achieve that dream. other than that my favorite vehicle is the Brulee/Bugatti Veyron and to everyone else joining the giveaway good luck!

  • Bonk
    Bonk महीने पहले

    Hey vg big fan of you and I been watching for a really long time and also my favorite vehicle in jailbreak is torpedo good acceleration and a good looking car

  • WolfGamingEdition
    WolfGamingEdition महीने पहले +6

    i hope there will be another live event!

    • Jawslamer994
      Jawslamer994 महीने पहले

      Bruh vg comment to u. Holy snap

    • HelloItsVG
      HelloItsVG  महीने पहले

      Hahah 2 years I guess

    • Kian YY
      Kian YY महीने पहले

      2024 is coming live event

  • ShubuBoii
    ShubuBoii महीने पहले

    You have cheered me when I was sick but rn I am also sick but thanks for putting your effort in

  • Blabo Good Morning
    Blabo Good Morning महीने पहले

    Hey VG! I really love and like ur videos, cause more videos are helpful and funny. My favorite car its the Dodge Challenger! Go up for 1M subscribers!

  • red x
    red x महीने पहले

    thx vg for your amazing content, keep doing that and keep doing live streams, good luck.
    btw my fav vehicle inside jailbreak is the tank, cuz its fun to explode people around.

  • Jack’s ASMR
    Jack’s ASMR महीने पहले

    Hey VG! My favourite vehicle in jailbreak is the drone. I actually just got it and it is so awesome! Perfect for grinding!

  • 😎 bruh
    😎 bruh महीने पहले +1

    My favorite vehicle is probably the torpedo or brulee because of their versatility

  • ruma akther
    ruma akther महीने पहले

    Hi vg I’m a huge fan of u and I like watching ur vids and my favorite jailbreak vehicle is the volt bike because it goes super fast.

  • ZasS
    ZasS महीने पहले +1

    I totally missed the live event because I was doing something on that time so that's the reason why I didn't get to participate in the live event and also my favorite vehicle is the Volt bike, as a guy who likes Cyberpunk vibes, I totally like the Volt bike because it looks futuristic and now I can handle it much better because they revamped it, I kinda miss the old Volt bike though because of the glitch where you can control it with your mouse, RIP old Volt bike, well anyway that's just it xD

    • ZasS
      ZasS महीने पहले

      @10Riju Gaming yikes, well anyway there's another chance my guy, we better not miss it

    • 10Riju Gaming
      10Riju Gaming महीने पहले


  • Giga Atticus
    Giga Atticus महीने पहले

    I might still go to the live event but it’s still going to be the same love your vids VG

    • Giga Atticus
      Giga Atticus महीने पहले

      But I played the live event on Mobile and I had sound and it had the full texts

  • dqrkw
    dqrkw महीने पहले

    my favorite vehicle inside of jailbreak is the ATV ( i call it the bugcar) because i can climb buildings with in when the suspension is high you can try that out it will be a good video lol :) btw with fast motor is kinda cool feels like a better patrol bike

  • mercury !
    mercury ! महीने पहले

    My favorite vehicle would either be the Bugatti bolide, or the drone. I used to use the army heli for robbing, but now jailbreak has made the criminal base tunnel longer which is time consuming to walk through by using the army heli since it cant fit. (I don’t have mobile garage). The drone is small, it can fit through small places, it hovers in the air… everything that I could ever want. I wish jailbreak added a rope to the drone though- that would be awesome. The Bugatti bolide looks SOO good, and it’s acceleration and speed is very good for a seasonal vehicle.

  • HAMG 002
    HAMG 002 महीने पहले +1

    I love the concept - its got speed and it's genrally great to use

    THEDOMINATOR महीने पहले

    I love ur vids VG
    Also i personally love the volt bike cuz it fits anywhere and has a rly good acceleration with an epik trail

  • swagging stormtrooper
    swagging stormtrooper महीने पहले

    I didn't get the spoiler so I'm glad this is happening,also the volt bike is my favourite vehicle

  • ItzSamBoyz
    ItzSamBoyz महीने पहले

    Thanks you for the information!! really hype for the next live event
    My favourite car is Torpedo

  • Cl1py
    Cl1py महीने पहले +1

    Hey VG i would appreciate the 25$ robux gift cards that would make my day let alone life
    Keep u the great videos bro! 👍

  • Mr.Cheese
    Mr.Cheese महीने पहले

    The M2 Molten is my favorite car, the design is awesome, I think a little bit better than the bolide, the speed is so good around 180-200

  • BloxSeer
    BloxSeer महीने पहले

    Love your channel! U and @DatBrian keep me updated on jailbreak and love yr both of your videos! Btw my favorite vehicle is Blackhawk its fast easy handling and good acceleration.
    Hopefully I win cuz I couldn't,t get the spoiler cuz I didn't jump on the asteroid xD

  • CharliePennycook
    CharliePennycook महीने पहले

    I love you videos keep it up i can’t wait for the next update on jailbreak

  • DrAgRaZeR
    DrAgRaZeR महीने पहले +1

    Hi VG! I did all the steps and i love your videos a lot

  • NefahhALT
    NefahhALT महीने पहले

    never ask for something you dont need, that's called stealing :)

  • MJ
    MJ महीने पहले +1

    My favorite vechile is the Jeep. Im so happy that your gonna get 600k subs. You deserve it. I've been subbed for a while and your videos are amazing.

  • mister_gamer sus
    mister_gamer sus महीने पहले

    My favorite vehicle is the tank it's fun to use in my opinion 😏

  • Spideryclonet
    Spideryclonet महीने पहले

    My favorite vehicle in jailbreak is probably the beignet. It looks awesome and has good speed.

  • Chàlî Zhïzhü
    Chàlî Zhïzhü महीने पहले

    Nice video my favourite is cyber truck i love your vids keep it up your a big inspiration to alot of people and your live streams are fun

  • MPreigard
    MPreigard महीने पहले

    My favorite vehicle is the MCLaren. That one that came out for like one or two months ago! I hope u have a good day VG and everyone!

  • xmtci
    xmtci महीने पहले +1

    Mine is definitely the molten m12 (with a lvl 5 engine and radiant yellow)

  • MrGreen
    MrGreen महीने पहले

    I always liked your vids bro, we are at the same level of funny, you're actually my fav roblox youtuber, seriously i cant find a roblox youtuber better than you! well for me perhaps, well also you said what is my fav vehicle? well that would be.....THE JET, why? it's fun to drive around ngl, especially when you hit an enemy with a missile

  • Lalo Juegos
    Lalo Juegos महीने पहले

    VG your videos are the best :D and my fav car is the concept, its just amazing :) hope to win, and keep going with this content, its the best, wish u luck :D

  • Car Lover
    Car Lover महीने पहले

    I hope there will be another live event, anyways my favourite vehicle is blackhawk

  • Tsami l.k.r
    Tsami l.k.r महीने पहले

    hello vg you are making nice vids keep it up bro!my fav vehicle in jb is camaro cause everyone can use it:)

  • Eternal Mindblocks
    Eternal Mindblocks महीने पहले

    My favourite vehicle in jailbreak is probably the drone because I just like the way it hovers.

  • Dagan Choi
    Dagan Choi महीने पहले

    boy this channel is great for hearing updates.

  • MadGamez
    MadGamez महीने पहले

    Great news!

  • Kevin Kristian
    Kevin Kristian महीने पहले +1

    Yezz Replay i hope this time I can watch the live event last time I can't because it's 2 AM at my Country
    And I guess the Drone is my Favorite Vehicle because it's fast to travel from location to location

  • trowlla
    trowlla महीने पहले

    I love ur livestreams and videos! Please tell ur dad to learn how to drive so u can stream longer! Anyways , my fav. car is M12 Molten because its cool, limited and fast

  • Cookiez
    Cookiez महीने पहले

    My favourite vehicle is the mini cooper. Even if its slow i like the design and how its really small and its accel is good.

  • DatPanda_Playz
    DatPanda_Playz महीने पहले

    Ayo Vg love the vids and streams keep up the good work ROAD TO 600k! :D also I liked vid and my fav car is Bugatti :P

  • leroy elton hunter vasquez
    leroy elton hunter vasquez महीने पहले

    Helo VG! im new in your channel and i have been enjoying your videos when im bored or when i dont have to do annything so i like your videos, and im hopping to you get your 600k subs! love your videos and my favorite vehicle is mcl airtail, because that speed that it has and the model is so unic

  • Nael Kashem
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    Nearly 600K subs keep going!

  • Ritvik Purani
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    Airtail is my favourite vehicle because i love the design, speed is decent and it’s a limited vehicle

    DARKMEN*4 महीने पहले +1

    My favorite vehicle in the game would be the “Camero” cause it’s free and everyone has it….😅

    • DARKMEN*4
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      Thx for the ❤️

    • Jeff Daniels
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  • Broseph DA gamer
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    Hey, my vehicle is probably be the "Torero" but I don't use it much... so I would pick the roadster!!! Sadly, with my luck, I won't get chosen... But keep of the good work VG, and I hope you get 600k subs by the end of this week!!!!!! :)

  • Xedric Plays
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    My favorite is the beam hybrid because everyone freaks out when I drive it around lol

  • GracedImpala
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    Hey I love your videos! My fav car is probably the volt because of its speed 🙂

  • James Sullivan
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    Hey vg love the videos. Favourite vehicle has to be the brulee, old but gold
    User: Vampiremelon123

  • Văn võ
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    Vg i love your vids i hope u will do more and more good videos. My favorite car is the model3 cuz i just started the game