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  • HelloItsVG
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    *Let me know if you want more giftcard* !

  • WeeB RIY
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    Codes: GetMoving, SettingTheStage, DIY, VictoryLap, Strikeapose, and the last one is WorldAlive

  • Meilani Tedja
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  • ghvzxt
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    This helped a lot thanks

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    I really like watching your vids because it's so usefull for me :>

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    Thx man that's really really working!

  • RoxStarr
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    this is how many times hes done the same video with the same codes

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    • Mystic
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      Quanto Mais Random Melhor shut the heII up.

    • RoxStarr
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      @Cara Bibi and i dont give too fx tbh

    • RoxStarr
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      @Cara Bibi ye

  • ᴠɪɴᴄᴇɴᴛ_xᴅシ︎
    ᴠɪɴᴄᴇɴᴛ_xᴅシ︎ साल पहले

    Your the best you say new codes and you don't mention the June ones🙂

  • Dragon_ Dweller
    Dragon_ Dweller साल पहले

    By far my favorite is the Kinetic Staff it looks way better than everything else you get from these codes but I bet the golem will also be nice.

  • Braniell Catolico
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    Thx for the promo codes 😁

  • Ayudia Sanjaya
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    Hey Vg great and usefull video keep it up i hope you are healty and stay safe :)

  • Jonel Gomez
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    The thing I like about him that it is real and legit

    • Nito anim
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      Lol bet half of his views are botted

    • hardiecuizons
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      and that why i subcribed to him

    • Nito anim
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      @xxDark_franco lies

    • Marissa ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ
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    • Statepluto
      Statepluto साल पहले

      These codes ain’t new they like 3 months old or 10

  • v10damir_:
    v10damir_: साल पहले

    1:40 I Already Redeemed This Item The Back And The Shoulder And The Backpack And The Cap

  • BasketChap
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    This was very helpful, thank u vg
    username : BasketChap

  • Tigerdude93
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    I liked and subscribe! Btw I love ur vids keep up the great work

  • Dan DA little Man
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    Me: is happy
    HellotsVG uploads, me: is HYPED

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    Thank you!

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  • Riana
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    *when your mom yells at you 6+ times and you dont respond*
    Reason: being entertained by VG and his videos for hours
    user: zestalss

  • Cosmos
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    Thank you so much, I will now break my finger on the like button

  • baxan omar
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    hi c: ty for teaching us all these codes!

  • Squid_zy Gaming
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    Thx 4 the codes😁

  • Angel Players
    Angel Players साल पहले

    Subscribed and Liked and commented , Always ur fan my bro , keep going good 🙃

  • Hannah_Ganda
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    Your the best like ur the only guy that do the legit and new codes except the others

  • Husus 🇺🇦
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    Thx for the codes :D

  • been acid
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  • GoneBloxy
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    Thx for the real codes👍

  • Minh Hà Kiến
    Minh Hà Kiến साल पहले +8

    VG: A lot of promo codes in his hand
    Me: like a baby just want to get free robuxs without any money ;-;

  • yann
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    I like how he didn't use code in different website😃

  • Jocelyn🌈
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    Omg it works thx

  • Zikereto
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    Thanks HellovotsVG i really really learn to you

  • Denisse Macaspac
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    This guy deserve a sub!

  • Tactical Aviation
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    Vg when he runs out of soy sauce: I don't need sleep I need soy sauce

  • migshesh
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    Thank you bro I like your content

    ASHDRAWS साल पहले

    This channel is so honest he doesn't reapeat the video and the same code ge actually makes different vids with different codes

  • Jhonny Pizza :D
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    Vg u make my day when I see you going live

  • ddeonu
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  • SkullShot
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    Rich kids in jailbreak: we are unstoppable : vg hold my soy sauce

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    • Why am I here
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      this feels racist. JUST S A Y I N G.

  • Nar Aguilar
    Nar Aguilar साल पहले

    Thank you for giving him the robux your a nice youtuber nice vid and I did like what you say:SAM02282012

    TXGUSIONXT साल पहले

    its work i have to all item thank you so much🙂👍

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    I did everything username :eli007lol

  • Melting Snow
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    Teacher always ask me what are you going to do this weekend
    me: work
    VG: drinking soy sauce
    end of class
    Teacher: please VG stay for few minutes
    VG: ok
    Teacher: I heard ur birthday is coming soon so I brought u 365 soy sauce every day one bottle that will keep u always health :)
    VG: OMG thankssssss

    • Spidernick
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      That is the world Record 365 soy sauce I think he have a big tummy

    • Melting Snow
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      username matthew292002

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    THANK YOU:))))

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    GRACIAS :(

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    Love you🔪VG! Continue Filming! User: jesssyaletico

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    Thx omg it work

  • Rat Liquid
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    VG: puts too much soy sauce on his rice
    Me: VG is over soyed
    I hope I win username: CyberPhanntomPhenix

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    I liked your vids and I love them!!! Username fable_101

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    Thank you

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    Thank you

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    Thank you

  • Jimmy Tan
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    2020: Drink Soy Sauce
    2030: Bath water is soy sauce
    2040: Soy Sauce is everything

  • alpian achmad
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    Thanks for that codes😊😊😊

  • Jas The Guest Agent
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    Thx for the codes man

  • Monkey
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    Omg thx I got it


    thank you

  • Oreo Whisker1
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    VG:*Drinks soy every single day, even during his sleep
    Me: *Drinks water every single day, XD
    Username: BrianTheMajestic

    • roshana pokharel
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      @gabriel tonc The creator of the video is making bots now dude...

    • Uyeda K𝚎𝚒
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      Haha funny....

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      @gabriel tonc mo

    • cuptopus
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  • Funny Junny
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    I am supposed to be studying rn but I like ur videos and I am now so addicted man I love your videos.All the support from Africa💗💙💪.Keep the good work up my man
    My username is Junior_madunya

    ENDER साल पहले

    Vg! thank you so much for the free axe code!!

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    Thx bro it's work thx

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    My mom gave me some bad news today
    "But," she said, "I bought your favorite soy sauce to help cheer you up."
    username andrr473

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    Im loving it

  • Loqt Dot
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    When he's bored let me say the new code and add old codes to make the video longer

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    My bithday wish is : some soy sauce username:Seedangbestyoutub

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  • Akissia
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    POV: your looking at the description to see the code and not watch the video other people: Watching the video Me: Being impatient and cant stop skipping the part of the video bye

  • ComicalNakakapagpabagabag
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    1:53 That Looks Like Kami's Staff But Different Colored

  • AdamP
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    Dude i already redeem the code it says Succesfully redeemed when i go to my inventory its nothing :((

  • Rar3
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    VG Hit that like button
    Me: smashes it so hard that the glass shatters everywhere

    • Rar3
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      @Youseph Karmow wat

  • Rinku Dusija
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    Brains are awesome just wish every had them to play jailbreak like a pro 🥳

  • Talentless Jay
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    VG u da best! :D

  • Nitrox
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    The kinect staff and the move it backpack don't work for me

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    Nice Video 👌

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  • ☠︎︎𝑲𝒊𝒏𝒈𝒐𝒇𝑴𝒕𝒇𝒔

    They work VG i got all im not a noob I love you so much and your video

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    Hi VG i big big fan i watch your vids evry day thay make my Day alot.
    I never really get a Robux Giftcard.

  • Flashyyt
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    does anyone knows that VG does great promo code vids i got alot of pro stuff

  • dato zuarabashvili
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    Let me know if you want more giftcard !

    FჩEE ჩOBUX! - VISIT MY CHΛNNEL साल पहले +19

    Only the people that haven't used promo codes can like this comment.

  • Charlie Menor
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    SORRY IM USING MY DADS ACCOUNT but thx for all the codes u help people and i just wanna support you thx man :)))

  • Euni
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    Intro: To get the golem we are going to do this. Video: I never said that we can get it

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    Thanks VG your my fav!

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    Thx bro for this

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    It's woking thx man

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    Cool code I subscribed

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    You are the best your so funny when you do the funny voices

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    VG Your The Best INclipsr and ur cool

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    VG: *Does A Giveaway*
    (almost) Everyone in the comments: Hopefully I Win
    Im a new subscriber and ty for these codes now my avatar is looking better than ever xD

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    VG giving out robux
    Me having no robux for 4 years but keep commenting and supporting him.

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    i like how this is awesome

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    ¡Amezing!! My username:fedev_xd

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    Okay after you did all of that all you have to do is go to safari or google or chrome and type roblox promo code
    And then those in these codes
    Yea that’s all I think that’s all I tried all the other ones and they said invalid code so yea just only the 3 of them work

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    I love your vids

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