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  • 17/03/2020 को प्रकाशित
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  • HelloItsVG
    HelloItsVG  साल पहले +12

    New Promo Codes!

    • chem
      chem साल पहले

      @Bradley Saluba bruh the backpack is only for august

  • eunoiaa
    eunoiaa 2 साल पहले +255

    4:19 when the promo codes actually start

    • The Fly EXTERMINATOR3000
      The Fly EXTERMINATOR3000 9 महीने पहले

      my guy

    • Destroyerン
      Destroyerン साल पहले

      It's July 2020 and it didn't work for me :(

    • Asher
      Asher 2 साल पहले


    • Ok
      Ok 2 साल पहले

      U r gid

    • Sülo
      Sülo 2 साल पहले


  • Oofington
    Oofington 2 साल पहले +736

    The wings are created for Lizzy_winkle she died of cancer and was highly known in the royale high comunity

  • Bacon // Tower of hell
    Bacon // Tower of hell 2 साल पहले +2

    I think you are one pf the youtubers who actually give the new promo codes

  • Mero
    Mero 2 साल पहले +2

    of course dude thats why i love watching your promocodes videos or some videos like that you're the only one that makes me understand, i understand all your examples, thanks so much for giving us some example.

  • LPSLauren
    LPSLauren 2 साल पहले +81

    I'm pretty sad you didn't know Lizzy's wings was a tribute to one of the game creators that died at a young age. R.I.P Lizzy

    • Zen.
      Zen. 2 साल पहले

      @NinjaDewanye11 she helperd making Royal high

    • KiaJaneé♥️
      KiaJaneé♥️ 2 साल पहले

      LPSLauren rip

    • LPSLauren
      LPSLauren 2 साल पहले +2

      Devil Peely I meant she help design some accessories for a game so don’t be so bitter

    • NinjaDewanye11
      NinjaDewanye11 2 साल पहले +2

      Lizzy did not create games.

    • Zen.
      Zen. 2 साल पहले

      Watch kenkokittens video it is

  • Frog ey
    Frog ey 2 साल पहले

    Keep up the work bro!

    &FREEFIRE MEGA& 2 साल पहले

    si sirven las cosas que estan en el video de la descripsion....pero no hay promocodes :,v

  • Chilled Soul
    Chilled Soul 2 साल पहले +44

    Me: Watching VG’s video
    VG: Puts hand sanitizer on before video starts
    Also Me: 👌🏻

  • Dundershock
    Dundershock 2 साल पहले +13

    *The only codes that he shows:*
    - 100YearsofNFL
    - SpiderCola
    - TweetRoblox
    Everything else that he shows is now unobtainable

  • xrayplay YT
    xrayplay YT 2 साल पहले +1

    It worked:)

    • Makuu ._.
      Makuu ._. 2 साल पहले

      How u get?

  • Yaheim
    Yaheim 2 साल पहले

    Thank u I needed those item🙂

  • SnopRBX
    SnopRBX 2 साल पहले +5

    nice thx for telling us bro :D

  • Renejek EEEE
    Renejek EEEE 2 साल पहले +1

    Thank you for the codes VG!

    • Hulyo
      Hulyo 2 साल पहले

      What code

  • secretdevex
    secretdevex 2 साल पहले +1

    Thx you so much for updating me all the time😜

  • Cesar Rivas
    Cesar Rivas 2 साल पहले

    thanks bro you make my day

  • nxvxrlet
    nxvxrlet 2 साल पहले +4

    6:35 i already completed this challenges and i would like to get these items but i didnt get them 🙁
    Is it glitch or i am stupid?

    WOXLE | AXOLOTL 2 साल पहले +26

    4:40 They didnt gave me that two items :(

    • Asher
      Asher 2 साल पहले

      Its on the catalog

    • Justtleoo
      Justtleoo 2 साल पहले

      Tech_ Dev you go to catalog and get it under hats category

    • Sxetchers
      Sxetchers 2 साल पहले

      bro i was om phone yesterday and i made new acc and got the two hats from roblox profile idk thats maybe bc im on phone

    • XtocadiaryX
      XtocadiaryX 2 साल पहले

      Its march 24 2020 but i atill get it

    • Lisa Lanik
      Lisa Lanik 2 साल पहले

      Meme cat expired. they were only available for March 20-21 I think

  • Nyan Cat
    Nyan Cat 2 साल पहले +168

    5:15 This is the olderst fricking code, it's not new

    • Ysz Ysz
      Ysz Ysz 2 साल पहले +1

      its all old code hmph! this video wasting my time!!!!

    • it's da goner
      it's da goner 2 साल पहले


    • Lola Ona
      Lola Ona 2 साल पहले


    • Everything In Pieces
      Everything In Pieces 2 साल पहले

      yeah what the heck

    • Astrodogs
      Astrodogs 2 साल पहले

      Lmao one person says something about spelling and a war happens in the comment section.

  • David BS
    David BS 2 साल पहले

    Click bait

  • Yea no
    Yea no 2 साल पहले +1

    Thanks a lot man

  • DeadlyyLeaf
    DeadlyyLeaf 2 साल पहले

    Why can't roblox youtubers like you just help and put the promocode names into the description. Jeez.

  • Cholo Marc Calonzo
    Cholo Marc Calonzo 2 साल पहले

    Thank you VG For the free items

  • vJqyOfficial
    vJqyOfficial 2 साल पहले +2

    Nice vid thx for the heads up I will be washing my hands real good! :D

  • Cyrill Tiopez
    Cyrill Tiopez 2 साल पहले +1

    Its nice

  • Nasty•Melo
    Nasty•Melo 2 साल पहले

    Nice video, I tried to make videos like this but your are so much better

  • Tha Mem
    Tha Mem 2 साल पहले +1

    Omg that looks so cool those items are soo cool i wish i has those items if you know promo codes comment

  • Itz_2kdemonzz
    Itz_2kdemonzz 2 साल पहले

    Thank You Bro

  • RBLX_Autumn
    RBLX_Autumn 2 साल पहले +7

    I saw the bloxt award and i was rlly disappointed that albert/flamingo wasnt a BIG part of it. He was only a background person if that make sence and he should of been in the bloxy ALOT MORE since he has been a BIG part of our community.

  • Vanessa Del Rio
    Vanessa Del Rio 2 साल पहले


  • Novamyst
    Novamyst 2 साल पहले

    yay his account is back :D

  • Jahan Ph
    Jahan Ph 2 साल पहले

    I wish this promocode will be work in 21 in march

  • Anjannete Fernandez
    Anjannete Fernandez 2 साल पहले

    l love promo codes

  • Vintage_Aesthete
    Vintage_Aesthete 2 साल पहले

    Help! The items don't show up in the catalog for me!!

  • Frog ey
    Frog ey 2 साल पहले

    Ur vids r the best I sub and have notifications on

  • Kellermg
    Kellermg 2 साल पहले


  • Xvrma
    Xvrma 2 साल पहले

    Thank youuuu

  • ItzPikachuGamer
    ItzPikachuGamer 2 साल पहले +12

    Btw thx for the promo and keep up the content :D

    • shamaree
      shamaree 2 साल पहले

      Are they new promo codes

    • Zin Lin Htet
      Zin Lin Htet 2 साल पहले


    • ferdows
      ferdows 2 साल पहले

      What are the codes?

  • Nikita Rosca
    Nikita Rosca 2 साल पहले

    It doesn't work

  • Pancake starship
    Pancake starship 2 साल पहले

    Stop giving past promocodes
    Just give us new ones godamit, leave your ad revenue to other vids

  • Rachylle Ann
    Rachylle Ann 2 साल पहले +1


  • เรม่อน UwU
    เรม่อน UwU 2 साल पहले


  • Ashokkumar A Varadharajan
    Ashokkumar A Varadharajan 2 साल पहले


  • escandalo888
    escandalo888 2 साल पहले


  • Leche chan
    Leche chan 2 साल पहले +2

    They always show is the same old codes

  • ToxicTrapZoiid
    ToxicTrapZoiid 2 साल पहले +2

    4:43 Awar
    4:46 Avra shop

  • Yato dead
    Yato dead 2 साल पहले +6

    i love ur vids
    i m ur big fan
    i watch ur every stream/vids

  • Juan Imperios
    Juan Imperios 2 साल पहले

    mentiroso no funciona el promo code

  • Synergy R4MP4G3
    Synergy R4MP4G3 2 साल पहले +1

    Wow how you gonna flex the hand sanitizer like that

  • KL27
    KL27 2 साल पहले


  • Shin_ NoBi
    Shin_ NoBi 2 साल पहले

    Thank Vinh :>

    BRUH MOMENT 2 साल पहले +7

    DUDE that first code has been out for like Lord knows WHAT

  • Elijah H
    Elijah H 2 साल पहले +1

    What are the links for the bloxy stuff?

  • Vapek :3
    Vapek :3 2 साल पहले

    Man Thank :D

  • VaporeonRevival
    VaporeonRevival 2 साल पहले

    Nice vid. I love your channel

  • AlphaAlex
    AlphaAlex 2 साल पहले

    Your the Best INclipsr❤️I Am such a Fan of you ItsVG

  • Maverick Sabile
    Maverick Sabile 2 साल पहले +15

    U didn't even show us how to get Lizzy's wings, code wings and the others!!

    • Noodle Cat
      Noodle Cat 2 साल पहले

      Yeah i wasted my time

    • evie
      evie 2 साल पहले

      xian begonia they were bought with robux

    • lavc
      lavc 2 साल पहले

      But they are for robux

    • Everything In Pieces
      Everything In Pieces 2 साल पहले

      yeah that sucks dude

    • FlutterShy
      FlutterShy 2 साल पहले +1

      Skull head not anymore

  • ItsWally
    ItsWally 2 साल पहले +1

    0:24 Hey That means nice to meet you

  • Big Man Face Roblox
    Big Man Face Roblox 2 साल पहले +1

    I always watch ur vids and streams I luve ur vids >3

  • Starby Gamerz
    Starby Gamerz 2 साल पहले

    Omg I love you so much thanks for promocode

  • Sunny Lemons
    Sunny Lemons 2 साल पहले

    the codes dont work

  • Kragical
    Kragical 2 साल पहले +7

    Take a shot every time he says “guys”

    • mxaicaa
      mxaicaa 2 साल पहले


  • Gerald Cabigas
    Gerald Cabigas 2 साल पहले

    Im so excited to get that hat🎩💜✨

  • Peter Parker
    Peter Parker 2 साल पहले

    Imagine if Roblox will award us robux for being in the Bloxys

    PUBG_GAMING 2 साल पहले

    HelloItsVG why do u keep giving the same old codes over and over im disapointed

  • Isaias Moreno
    Isaias Moreno 2 साल पहले

    Yay I'm early I luv your vids

  • ThatComengSset
    ThatComengSset 2 साल पहले +3

    The new bloxy imems do not show for me!
    i live in the au so maybe it could be that :I

  • masuma yeasint
    masuma yeasint 2 साल पहले

    this video help me out i am a fan thx

    ISH SQUAD GAMING 2 साल पहले

    Yooo vg u da best thx love ❤️ you :)

  • Kenshi
    Kenshi 2 साल पहले

    To get the neon top hat type "Bloxpunk Top Hat" in the hats section quick grab it before March 30th!!

  • Pak
    Pak 2 साल पहले

    Me: wow i hope the items are free!
    Roblox: NOPE
    now it cost robux and i have none :(

  • Deado
    Deado 2 साल पहले +1

    How did you get it so fast??

  • Y𝑜𝑢𝑛𝑔 𝗫
    Y𝑜𝑢𝑛𝑔 𝗫 2 साल पहले

    How do you get the items I can't find them

  • Lester Niez
    Lester Niez 2 साल पहले +1

    I will make sure i will use your star code VG

  • Peppa Pig
    Peppa Pig 2 साल पहले +2

    Hey , *HelloItsVG* I just talked to bloxy_news on twitter and they said that they won't be getting a promocode for the items

    • ToxicTrapZoiid
      ToxicTrapZoiid 2 साल पहले +1

      You mean the AVRA shop 4:46

    • HelloItsVG
      HelloItsVG  2 साल पहले +3

      These items will be free on catalog

  • Shakir Alam
    Shakir Alam 2 साल पहले +3

    That’s not fair I really like this stuff and not the before stuff now I can’t it :(

  • Tam Le
    Tam Le 2 साल पहले

    imagine just stretching your videos and reposting old promo codes

  • Александър Атанасов
    Александър Атанасов 2 साल पहले

    This items is awesome

  • Batistiani Francois
    Batistiani Francois 2 साल पहले +1

    Big fan love your vids

  • Sunny Lemons
    Sunny Lemons 2 साल पहले

    do these promo codes give me robux? It says that they were redeemed so does that mean I earn those hats that you were showing in the video?

  • DatDecisive
    DatDecisive 2 साल पहले +8

    Vg starts rubbing his hands
    Me: Its treason then...
    Rubs my whole body with hand sanitizer

    • CuriøusVîbe
      CuriøusVîbe 2 साल पहले

      @HelloItsVG Corona

    • CuriøusVîbe
      CuriøusVîbe 2 साल पहले

      Dont get the carina virus that would be bad boi

    • *Ḵ̷̲r̸͍̼a̴͇bg̜͇ͅit̗͈*
      *Ḵ̷̲r̸͍̼a̴͇bg̜͇ͅit̗͈* 2 साल पहले

      @CatMan Yesh Relase Da Body Sanitizers Corona Virus When Ppl Smell U They Will Say U smell Liek Kamusta Ka Tae

    • DatDecisive
      DatDecisive 2 साल पहले

      @HelloItsVG dont u challenge me VG im all prepared for it ever since dinosaurs exist. I cleaned them with my exam papers. Im telling you! DONT CHALLENGE ME 😁

    • CatMan
      CatMan 2 साल पहले +1

      I think it should be called body sanitizer

    ANDREW 2 साल पहले

    Omg thats so cool

  • LR40
    LR40 2 साल पहले

    How did you get all of that I'm confused

  • Ahmed112068
    Ahmed112068 2 साल पहले

    4:26 The Promocode is invalid

  • Alan Calvillo
    Alan Calvillo 2 साल पहले

    100% positive

  • Itz_manuelbst 7834
    Itz_manuelbst 7834 2 साल पहले +50


  • Sunny Lemons
    Sunny Lemons 2 साल पहले

    does this even work

  • weirefsh
    weirefsh 2 साल पहले +1

    ayyyyyyyy VG is back!!!

  • SmallGamer65
    SmallGamer65 2 साल पहले


  • 14. Noche, Kurt Daniel S.
    14. Noche, Kurt Daniel S. 2 साल पहले +2

    Probably 60% of the chat in this video are thinking he is a Filipino xD. Kamusta uli VG!

  • Akki
    Akki 2 साल पहले +5

    NOICE VG! i just got your notifs xD

  • anisa bagja
    anisa bagja 2 साल पहले

    Stop clickbaiting dude

  • Irma Saja
    Irma Saja 2 साल पहले


  • DripMonke!
    DripMonke! 2 साल पहले

    Your so cool

  • Adoipm YT
    Adoipm YT 2 साल पहले

    I ♥️ your channel

  • rhiannon
    rhiannon 2 साल पहले +3

    Thank you :))

    • rhiannon
      rhiannon 2 साल पहले

      killer Flames what’s fhat got to do with anything .-.

    • Killerjaipreet
      Killerjaipreet 2 साल पहले

      I'm not killerflames I got hacked now I'm killerjaipreet

    • rhiannon
      rhiannon 2 साल पहले

      Its all out now some cost robux

    • rhiannon
      rhiannon 2 साल पहले

      killer Flames No I did not but it should be free by now 20th of March .

    • Killerjaipreet
      Killerjaipreet 2 साल पहले

      Did u get it?

  • Magg
    Magg 2 साल पहले +2

    but why he get the item before us ?

  • LenIsVeryEpic
    LenIsVeryEpic 2 साल पहले +1

    why cant i get the 2 free items?

  • Radcliffe
    Radcliffe 2 साल पहले +1

    What is the game that he showed at the beggining and end of the video

  • Matt
    Matt 2 साल पहले +1

    How do you get the top hat for free? Also the keyboard